I have a few dream jobs. Vet, Production Designer on Mad Men to name a couple. One that goes way back to the days before I even knew such a career existed has been to design book covers. Combining my addiction to reading with the mandate of distilling a book into a graphic image that makes you want to pick it up would be so rewarding.

Noted cover designer George Salter once said that a good jacket “must be in perfect accord with the literary quality of the book. It must be even more if it is to function as an important sales factor, if it is to ‘stop’ the eye of the person passing by.”

These days it seems it is harder than ever for designers to get their ideas approved as there are more cooks in the publishing kitchen; sales representatives, editors, art buyers and authors. As a career, maybe it's not as dreamy as it seems, but I still love a great cover! Here are the NY Times Magazines best covers of 2013. http://nyti.ms/1cGRX1R